Emigration to Greece

Emigration to Greece - How to Obtain Greek Residency Permit

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Emigration to Greece

Despite not being one of the wealthiest countries in the European Union, it comes as no surprise that Greece is a dream destination for many. Emigrating to Greece is often considered one of the most accessible pathways to moving to and settling in Europe.

To enjoy the privileges of being a resident in Greece, migrants have the option to apply for one of the following statuses:

  1. Temporary residence permit: This grants the right to stay in the country for one year, with the possibility of annual renewal.
  2. Permanent residence permit: This provides the right to live in Greece indefinitely.
  3. Greek citizenship: The ultimate goal, granting full rights and privileges as a Greek citizen.

Temporary Residence Permit in Greece

A temporary residence permit is an important document that grants foreigners the opportunity to stay in a country for up to one year. In certain cases, the permit can be extended indefinitely based on the conditions for issuance.

One of the primary benefits of holding a residence permit is the potential for acquiring permanent residency and citizenship in the future. Frequently, after the fifth extension, non-residents are eligible for permanent residence status.

Important Note: The Greek government allows foreign citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit, but only after they have visited Greece, for instance, as tourists. In other words, non-residents can only obtain a residence permit if they have visited Greece at least once. This measure ensures that those seeking a permit have experienced the country firsthand.

Emigration to Greece

Ways for Obtaining a Greek Residence Permit

Family reunification

This program is designed for foreigners who have family members permanently residing in Greece on a legal basis. If you have parents, children, or spouses holding a Greek passport or a permanent residence permit, you have a valid reason to apply for a residence permit as a future Greek immigrant.

Important Note: Once a couple has resided together for a duration exceeding three years, one spouse becomes eligible to gather the necessary documents and draft an application to acquire Greek citizenship.

In the case of a marriage between a Greek citizen and a citizen of another nation, the foreign citizen can obtain a residence permit by submitting the marriage certificate to the appropriate migration office. Once the marriage certificate is submitted, a residence permit will be issued accordingly.

Work immigration

This route is appealing as it does not necessitate immigrants to have passive income sources. However, it is also perceived as one of the most challenging methods to relocate to Greece. To secure employment opportunities in Greece, a European passport or EU Blue Card is required.

Employers within the Schengen area prioritize candidates from their own country, followed by specialists from the eurozone. Only after no suitable applicants are found, third-country nationals are taken into consideration.


To acquire a residence permit through this program, applicants are required to invest a minimum of €300,000 into the country’s economy. They have the option to sponsor a project or engage in a local business, either partially or fully financing it. By making a one-time investment, foreigners can obtain a residence permit valid for two years.

Buying property

To be eligible for the program, individuals must invest €250,000 in residential or commercial property. By becoming a property owner in Greece, foreigners are granted a temporary residence permit, what is know as Greece Golden Visa which can eventually lead to permanent residence. After a period of seven years, they may even have the opportunity to apply for citizenship.



Investors have the option to register a company by depositing € 60,000 into an active account. The funds should be transferred from their home country to a Greek account. Additionally, they are entitled to either work as employees in their own companies or seek employment with a Greek outsourcing or contractual company.

Asylum Seekers

Entry into the country will be permitted based on substantiated instances of oppression related to race, gender, nationality, religion, political beliefs, or social status at the individual’s place of residence. Natural disasters and Military actions are also considered valid grounds for granting international protection to asylum seekers at external borders.

Residence-Greece facilitates connections between investors and a vast real estate database, providing assistance with purchase registration, consulting services, and legal support throughout the entire process of obtaining Greek residency.


Immigrants have the opportunity to relocate to Greece either by providing confirmation of Greek origin or by obtaining official refugee status.

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