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Greece’s Golden Visa program has proven to be highly lucrative for the country in recent years, attracting individuals from around the world with the promise of obtaining Greek permanent residence. Among the various nationalities, there are five in particular that dominate the majority of investors interested in Greek permanent residence.


China stands out as the primary investor group, accounting for a significant 54% of all individuals who have successfully obtained Greek permanent residence. With 5,927 main applicants and their immediate family members navigating through the Greek Golden Visa process, the Chinese have demonstrated a strong interest in investing in Greek ports and infrastructure since 2016.

Top Nationalities Greece Golden Visa


Turkey follows suit with 524 main investors and their family members seeking Greek permanent residence. However, for many Turkish investors, their Greek homes serve as safety investments rather than primary residences. They often choose to rent out their properties or utilize them as summer houses, serving as an escape plan in case the political climate in Turkey becomes too unfavorable.


Russia ranks as the third most interested nationality in obtaining Greek Golden Visa, with 322 main Russian applicants successfully securing Greek permanent residence for themselves and their families. These investors tend to gravitate towards the suburbs of Athens and Thessaloniki, preferring to live in Greece rather than their home country. Their pursuit of Greek permanent residence is driven by a genuine desire for a new life in Greece.

Lebanon and Egypt

Lebanon and Egypt also contribute to the growing number of investors obtaining Greek permanent residence, with 178 Lebanese and 166 Egyptian investors successfully acquiring this status. Both countries have a significant number of individuals seeking to relocate to Greece. For Lebanese investors, Greece offers a safe and stable society, which is often lacking in their home country due to political instability and the influx of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East.

These nationalities, along with others, continue to shape the landscape of Greek permanent residence through their investments, contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

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