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Greece self employed

The population of self-employed individuals in Greece is experiencing a consistent upward trend, particularly among expatriates. In fact, this particular legal classification offers one of the most accessible routes to attaining permanent residence in Greece.

This article aims to provide a concise overview and clarity of the fundamental legal prerequisites for self-employment, as well as outline the procedures for acquiring this status and the accompanying responsibilities within the country.

Self Employed in Greece

Greek Residence Permit for Self-Employed

Many people often confuse three legal categories: freelancers, self-employed individuals, and remote workers. However, the technical differences between them are often irrelevant in practical terms. The Greek Department of Immigration is primarily concerned with the following criteria for eligibility:

  1. Earning income outside of Greece and not seeking employment within the country.
  2. Generating sufficient income to support yourself and your family without relying on national social funds.
  3. Ensuring that your income is not derived from any criminal activities.
  4. Fulfilling all tax obligations according to your legal circumstances.

Meeting these four conditions qualifies you for a one-year self-employment visa, granting you and your family the same privileges enjoyed by Greek residents. After the visa expires, you can obtain a temporary residence permit that requires renewal every two years. It’s important to note that your family’s residence status is not dependent on your physical presence in Greece.

To be eligible for this type of permit, you must meet two financial requirements: not being formally employed in Greece and earning a minimum income of 3,500 euros per month. Additionally, you must earn at least 700 euros per month for your spouse in case they are unemployed, and 525 euros per month for each dependent living with you in Greece.

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Application Paperwork

When submitting your application form, you will be required to provide the following documents:

  1. Your valid ID or passport
  2. Greek SIM-card registered in your name, tax number and bank account
  3. Confirmation of your place of residence in the country
  4. Proof of sufficient monthly income

All documents must be translated into Greek, notarized, and it would be advisable to obtain an apostille as well. You can submit them at the nearest Greek Consulate, through your legal agency, or even online. However, it is recommended to complete this process between three months and three weeks before your planned move to the country.

Typically, applications take a couple of months to process. Once you have resided in Greece for a minimum of seven years, you and your family will be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Self Employed in Greece

Public Healthcare for Self-Employed

Once you obtain the permit, you will gain access to comprehensive public medical services, all of which are completely free of charge. This healthcare insurance also extends coverage to the following individuals:

  • Your unemployed spouse, and in certain cases, your ex-spouse and parents as well.
  • Your underage children who reside with you.
  • Your unemployed and unmarried children under the age of 24.
  • Your children under the age of 26, provided they are enrolled in university or have graduated within the past two years.
  • Your dependents with a disability score of 67 or higher.

Rest assured that this permit will ensure that you and your family receive the necessary support and care.

Application Paperwork

To public medical insurance that aligns with your status, you are required to complete an application form and provide the following documentation to the Greek Organization for Self-Employed:

  1. Your valid identification document
  2. Insurance receipts for the preceding three months
  3. Two passport-sized photographs

Please ensure that you submit all the necessary paperwork as stated above.

Greek Self-Employed Income Tax

The amount will be determined based on your monthly earnings, as illustrated in the table below (in euros):

Up to €16,000

Up to €22,000

Up to €26,000

Up to €32,000

Up to €40,000

Up to €60,000

Up to €100,000

Above €100,000









However, you can be exempt from tax payment if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Reside in Greece for less than 183 days per year.
  2. Pay taxes in your home country, as per the Double Taxation Treaty.
  3. Earn less than 12,000 euros per month.

Moreover, if you are a digital nomad residing in Greece, you will receive a 50% discount. Additionally, you can avail a 15% discount if you:

  1. Make donations to public educational, religious, or medical institutions.
  2. Pay off a loan for your first property purchase in the country.
  3. Fulfill mandatory social security contribution requirements.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the complexities of Greek immigration procedures can be quite challenging, and having a good command of the language is crucial. To streamline the process, it is advisable to consider engaging a legal representative or maintaining regular contact with the Consulate. 

Additionally, it is recommended to plan an initial visit to Greece to establish a local bank account, obtain a SIM card, and acquire a tax identification number. These preparations will greatly facilitate a smoother transition.

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