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If you plan on staying in Greece for more than 90 days, a national visa is the ideal choice. This visa, also known as a long-stay visa or the Greece Type D visa, grants travelers the opportunity to remain in Greece for up to 1 year.

The national visa serves as a gateway to various other travel documents, most notably the highly sought-after residence permit, known as the Greece Golden Visa. It is widely regarded as the most efficient means of establishing Greece as your country of residence. The Type D Greece visa is particularly well-suited for the extensive application process associated with the Golden Visa, which necessitates multiple entries and exits to and from Greece over a period exceeding 90

In this guide, we will give you more details on the following topics:

  • What is a Greece Type-D Visa?
  • Main reasons for applying for Greece’s Type-D Visa
  • How can you apply for Greece Type-D Visa
Greece Type D Visa

What Is Greece Type-D Visa For Greece?

Greece does not issue specific visas for different purposes such as study or reunification. Instead, they issue National Visas (Type-D Visas) with a specific reason or motivation. So, rather than obtaining a Study Visa, you will receive a Type-D visa for the purpose of studying. With this type of visa you can stay in Greece for a longer period than the standard 90-day duration of a Greece Schengen Visa.

Expert Tip: To ensure that you apply for the correct visa, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide on Greece Visas.

The Type-D visa for Greece is also known as a National Visa to Greece or a Long-Stay Visa to Greece. All of these terms are essentially refering to the very same document, that is officially called a Type-D visa for Greece.

A Type-D visa for Greece allows you to stay in the country for a period exceeding 90 days, but not longer than 365 days. However, the duration of the visa may vary depending on the reason for your application. For example, a Type-D visa issued for study purposes may have a shorter duration compared to a Type-D visa issued for investment purposes.

With a Type-D visa, you can enter and exit Greece as many times as you want during the permitted time. Additionally, as a bonus, holders of a Type-D Greece Visa can travel to other Schengen Area countries for one quarter per semester. 

Main Reasons To Apply For A Greece Type-D Visa?

When applying for a Greece National Visa, there are officially six valid reasons that are recognized.


If you possess the necessary documentation to work in Greece, you are eligible to apply for a Type-D visa using the “residence for employment” option.

Reunification Of Family Members

This option offers individuals the opportunity to reunite with their family residing in Greece. For instance, if you are a second-generation Greek American and wish to return to Greece to live and care for your beloved Pappous and Giagia (grandfather and grandmother), this is the ideal choice for you.


If you are planning to travel to Greece for your studies or research, this option would be most suitable for you. It is also applicable for individuals who are traveling to Greece for training purposes.

Greece Type D Visa

As Company Staff

If you’re planning to work for the same company in Greece that you’re currently working for, then this option is tailored for you. Let’s say you’re an accountant in Boston, and your company has recently opened a new branch in Athens. They are keen for you to bring your numerical skills there. This particular option entails obtaining a National Visa to Greece.

Independent Financial Activity Or Investment

If you’re considering the Greece Golden Visa, it’s undoubtedly the top choice. The accompanying guide will also shed light on why the Greece Golden Visa stands out as one of the finest options for obtaining permanent residence in the European Union. 

While it’s possible to fulfill the investment-for-residence visa requirements on a Schengen visa, the processing time often exceeds the practical limit of 90 days allowed by a Schengen Visa. Furthermore, the Greece National Visa offers unrestricted mobility to and from Greece throughout the designated timeframe, making it an all-around wiser choice.

Accreditation allows travel to Greece for the completion of short courses or programs and to achieve accreditation.

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How Can You Apply For A Greece National Visa?

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of applying for a Type-D visa to Greece. You need to follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful

Step 1: Fill Out and Complete The National Visa Type-D Application Form

You will need to fill out this form. 

Step 2: Schedule A Visa Appointment

To submit a visa application to a Greek embassy or consulate, it is necessary to have a prior appointment. Walk-in submissions are not accepted at these institutions. It is recommended that you make an appointment at the nearest Greek consulate for a smooth application process.

Make A Visa Application Appointment 

In theory, you can simply contact the relevant consulate and schedule an appointment. Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a significant backlog of visa applications, resulting in waiting times ranging from 3 to 6 months for new applications.

Unfortunately, there are no workarounds or quick fixes, especially for the Greece Schengen Visa. Persistence is key in navigating through this process. We strongly advise daily emailing and calling the consulate at 2:30pm. If possible to travel to Greece on a Schengen Visa, we highly recommend doing so. For detailed information on Schengen Visas, you can refer to this comprehensive guide. Additionally, the Schengen visa offers the added advantage of allowing travel through other Schengen countries, starting from the member state that issued your travel document.

Once you have successfully secured your appointment, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Gather the relevant Documents.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, it is time to gather the necessary documents. Let’s take a look at the general documents required for all Type-D motivations. 

Required Documents:

  1. Valid Passport: 2 Recent Passport Photos (as per specifications). The passport should include relevant residence permits for re-entry into the US and have at least three blank pages.
  2. Health Insurance and Medical Certificate.
  3. Travel Insurance covering a total of EU 30,000.00.
  4. Passenger Locator Form.
  5. Return Flight Ticket.
  6. Evidence of Sufficient Financial Means.
  7. Proof of Accommodation.

Collect all these documents, along with the motivation-specific supporting documents and completed application form, and submit them when you.

Step 4: You Need To Attend The Interview At The Consulate

After scheduling an appointment in step 2, you will have the opportunity to attend an interview and directly submit the relevant documents to the consular official. During the interview, it is crucial to answer questions honestly and support the statements made in your application. Once the interview concludes, you will need to provide your biometric data and pay the visa fees. Now, all that remains is to patiently await the processing of your visa application.

It’s important to note that visa applications are typically denied due to failure to meet the necessary requirements. However, in certain cases, a serious issue such as a criminal record may also be a factor.

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