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Malta & Greece Golden Visa: Buy Property and Get Residency

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A Quick Guide for Golden Visa in Greece and Malta!

It has been possible to acquire real estate in foreign countries in order to obtain a residence permit for quite some time now. Various programs, known as Golden Visas, facilitate foreign investors in obtaining a residence permit in another country by fulfilling specific requirements and acquiring property in the respective nation. 

While the number of countries offering Golden Visas is on the rise, Malta and Greece continue to present some of the most appealing opportunities in the current market.

Greece vs Malta


  • Real estate investment of a minimum of €250,000
  • Visa-Free Travel in Schengen Region
  • Fast Processing (2-Months)
  • Immediate permanency residency
  • Inclusion of extended family, including parents and grandparents
  • Zero stay requirement unless you want to become a full citizen

Furthermore, the Greece Golden Visa program extends to the investor’s immediate family, providing an opportunity for the entire family to participate. However, the program does not encompass extended family members. The residency permit grants the flexibility to travel and work throughout the Schengen region, enabling individuals to establish a new life in other European countries under the Greek Golden Visa program.

By investing in real estate and contributing to the Greek economy, investors can avail themselves of the benefits of the residency permit, including the potential to generate income through Airbnb rentals, without the need to personally visit Greece.

Greece vs Malta


Invest a minimum of €690,000 for:

  • Visa-Free travel within the Schengen region
  • Potential citizenship within a year
  • Inclusion of extended family, including parents and grandparents

To qualify for citizenship:

  • Reside in Malta for 36 months and invest at least €600,000
  • Invest at least €750,000 for citizenship after 12 months

In addition to the main investment, you must:

  • Purchase a Maltese residential property worth at least €750,000
  • Lease a home with an annual rental value of €16,000
  • Make a €10,000 donation to a Maltese organization approved by the Community Malta Agency.

Privileges of Permanent Eu Residence Permit

The member states of the European Union are comprised of developed countries that boast a remarkably high quality of life. Nearly half of the EU nations have introduced citizenship or residency by investment programs, specifically designed for non-EU nationals seeking to invest in the economy of a European country.

These programs serve as a pathway for individuals looking to enjoy the privileges of living in the European Union and/or the Schengen area.

Golden Visa programs in Europe offer numerous advantages to investors, attracting individuals from all corners of the globe who aspire to obtain EU permanent residence and leverage these benefits. This article specifically focuses on the advantages of enhanced security, business prospects, and an exceptional quality of life that accompany EU residency.

Safety and Security

When choosing a place to live, there are various factors to consider. Among them, security holds utmost importance. Many individuals aspire to live in a safe environment with their families, and EU residence offers precisely that to investors. Europe, in general, is widely regarded as a safe continent. While no place on Earth can be deemed completely free from risks, it is highly feasible to live a crime-free life in Europe.

European countries prioritize the rights and well-being of their residents and citizens, ensuring the security of not only the investors and their families but also their assets.

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The internal common market of the European Union welcomes and accommodates all residents and citizens of its member states. With a population of 500 million people, the single market aims to benefit everyone. Its foundation lies in the “four freedoms”: the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital among the 27 EU member countries. These freedoms are available to all individuals living and working within the European Union, with only limited exceptions. Additionally, EU residency brings the added convenience of being close to all the major business hubs in Europe.

Quality of Life

In the European Union, the foundations of a fulfilling life are firmly in place. Across Europe, living a life of quality and embracing its inherent beauty is simply the norm. Meanwhile, residents have the privilege of enjoying the myriad benefits that the EU has to offer. These include unparalleled access to a wide range of opportunities and advantages, such as:

  • Employment and its associated conditions
  • Social security and healthcare coverage
  • Education and vocational training
  • Grants and loans
  • Social assistance programs
  • Freedom to associate and join unions
  • Social benefits
  • Freedom of movement, particularly within the EU
  • Housing provisions

Golden Visas Are the Ideal Permanent Residence Permits

The Visa, by definition, is a type of residence permit designed to attract high-net-worth individuals to European countries and enable non-EU nationals to obtain European residence permits. Essentially, it allows the holder to live in the country and pursue naturalization. However, in the industry, “Golden Visa” is often used interchangeably with “residency by investment.” Similar to how “Kleenex” is used as a synonym for tissue, “Golden Visa” encompasses residency by investment programs.

Being an EU resident grants the Golden Visa holder visa-free travel, particularly within the Schengen Area. Additionally, many countries around the world provide visa-free access to permanent residents of the EU, eliminating the need for additional passports. EU residency also adds credibility when applying for visas in countries that still require residents to obtain one.

The popularity of Golden Visas can be attributed to their simplicity. This form of residence permit does not require a job offer, marriage, or starting a business – all of which often involve numerous responsibilities and taxes. Instead, most Golden Visa applicants prefer the real estate investment route. Each country has its own specific requirements for the Golden Visa program.

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