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Nowadays, it has become increasingly common for affluent individuals to relocate to a prosperous European Union country through investment programs. A golden visa is a popular avenue for realizing their aspirations, offering legal permanent residence that allows for study, work, and a life of comfort and security. However, certain essential conditions must be met to obtain this privilege.

Easiest European Golden Visas

What are the Golden Visa Programs (GVP)?

Several EU and Schengen countries offer this program with distinct features. It is possible to participate in them by making financial investments in the local economy. Options include purchasing real estate, stocks, bonds, making charitable donations, and establishing companies.

Eligibility criteria for applicants typically include:

  • reaching the age of majority,
  • having a clean criminal record,
  • possessing legitimate funds earned outside the country where the Golden Visa will be applied for,
  • not being a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, and
  • providing accurate information about oneself and their family.

These conditions are particularly appealing to citizens of developing countries, investors, business owners, as well as individuals holding British, US, and Hong Kong passports. Let’s explore the key features of golden visa programs available in Portugal, Greece, and Spain.

Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa Program

The residence by investment program was introduced in 2013 and continues to attract foreign investors. To obtain the desired visa, a minimum investment of 250,000 euros is required in the local economy. However, in specific regions such as Athens, Mykonos, Thessaloniki, and Santorini, this amount may be increased up to 500,000 euros.

The application process allows for the inclusion of family members and typically takes 6 months for approval. There are no restrictions on the duration of stay in the country, and the applicant also benefits from advantages in education, healthcare, and travel within the Schengen zone without the need for an additional visa.

Investments in real estate or government bonds starting from 400,000 euros are permitted, as well as bonds or shares of investment companies in the local real estate sector or specific funds. It is worth noting that the Greek real estate market has demonstrated growth in recent years, indicating promising prospects for investments in this sector. Residency under this program can be renewed every 5 years.

Greece Visa Homes is a renowned investment advisory firm that offers personalized guidance to individuals seeking the Greece Golden Visa. Our team of experienced legal professionals in Greece is committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent process for acquiring real estate and investment funds.

Contact our knowledgeable team members for any inquiries or further assistance you may require. We are here to provide support and assistance every step of the way!

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Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa Program

The program has been operational since 2012, contributing over 6 billion euros to the Portuguese economy. Presently, it continues to maintain its popularity by offering the opportunity to obtain citizenship within a relatively short timeframe of 5-6 years, with a requirement of just 7 days of physical presence in the country each year.

The minimum investment amount of 280,000 euros sets one of the lowest thresholds among European countries. The various investment categories, include:

  • real estate properties in specific areas,
  • venture capital funds,
  • company establishment,
  • research and development with a minimum investment of 500,000 euros, and
  • charitable donations of at least €250,000.

By becoming a citizen of Portugal through this program, investors gain visa-free access to 180+ countries, the ability to legally reside and study in Portugal, full access to public institutions including medical and educational facilities, and favorable tax conditions for their business endeavors. Additionally, the program extends the opportunity to obtain a golden visa for other family members, such as children and parents.

Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa Program

The program offers various investment options, including:

  • Investing 500,000 euros in real estate.
  • Allocating 2 million euros in government bonds.
  • Investing 1 million euros in local companies.

Investors have the flexibility to choose between residential or commercial real estate, or a combination of both. In the case of business development, it is crucial to generate employment opportunities and support social projects, as well as scientific or technical innovation. Capital can be transferred to Spain or invested in promising business ventures.

Acquiring the golden visa in Spain through this program typically takes 9-11 months, with the full passport rights granted after 10 years. Initially, a one-year visa is issued, which can be extended up to 5 years. Subsequently, a permanent visa can be applied for.

Participating in this program offers several key advantages, including visa-free travel within all Schengen countries, the ability to reside in Spain for the entire investor’s family, access to quality education and healthcare, favorable business conditions, and excellent prospects for a comfortable retirement.

Which one is the best for you?

The aforementioned programs exhibit both similarities and differences. After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the features of each program, you will be able to draw informed conclusions regarding the most suitable choice.

It is advisable to carefully weigh the pros and cons, seek input from your family, and make a well-considered decision. Should you encounter difficulty in making a selection, reaching out to a specialized migration agency can provide you with comprehensive consultation and valuable recommendations.

Often, applicants rely on immigration consultants to make swift decisions, only to later realize the correctness of their choice. Golden Visas offered by European countries present an opportunity to significantly transform your life for the better. Therefore, it is time to take action and seek assistance from professionals, ensuring a 100% positive outcome.

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